Accessibility an accessible website

« The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect. »
Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web and Director of W3C1.

Accessibility policy

Our web site was designed to respect the Internet standards as defined by W3C, notably its guidelines on the accessibility of web content prescribed by the Web Accessibility Initiative. Thanks to this, this site is accessible to all Internet users including seniors and those with disabilities.

Text size

Small font sizes can make it hard for some Internet users to read content. This site was designed so that the size of the text can be easily changed using the features offered by different browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Select the “view menu; text size”
  • Mozilla: Select the “view menu; text size”
  • Opera : Select the “view menu; zoom”
  • Safari : Select the “ Presentation” menu; Increase / Reduce text size”

If you have mouse wheel, then the majority of browsers can increase the size of the text by using the mouse wheel and a pressing a certain key:

  • Windows : Ctrl + mouse wheel
  • Mac : Apple + mouse wheel

With the A+ and A- buttons, you can adjust the text to the desired size.

Compatibility with browsers offers you a high level of user-friendliness with the latest browsers while remaining accessible to older browsers. Should you experience any difficulties reading this site, you can deactivate the CSS (cascading style sheets) (see browser options). The web site will retain all its functions and only its presentation will be affected.

Principles of browsing

On all the pages of the site you will find the following navigation tools:

  • Clicking on Monceau Invest logo image allows you to return the home page of the site;
  • The priority links are located at the bottom of the page: site map, legal disclaimer and credits.

1: Source: The World Wide Web Consortium, abbreviated as W3C, is a consortium founded in October 1994 to promote the compatibility of World Wide Web technologies.

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